While the average person does not see the code that backs most of our technological choices every day, there are others whose lives are consumed by creating code. More specifically, there are people whose job it is to create the code that makes your favorite video game, for example, function so effortlessly. As pointed out […]

1. Fandom GIF Counter Fandom GIF If you are an avid Game of Thrones viewer/fanatic, you would recognize the scene in the first GIF. After a full-fledged battle between Jon Snow (King of the North), Snow’s small team, and The White Walkers (the super creepy zombies with blue eyes), the two sides have what seems to […]

Recently, I came across the tweet above — a newstory about a couple that had been arrested after posting a series of snapchats of them shooting guns outside of their car windows. The first question that came to my mind — and probably came to mind for many others — is why they thought that […]

  In reading Miltner and Highfield’s article about the GIF, I came to realize just how entrenched the GIF has become in daily life. One of their main points is highlighting the fact that everyone has accepted the GIF as an important type of media, even the Democratic and Republican national conventions (9). You can […]

Today, we cannot seem to go anywhere or do anything without the presence of technology. If we look back to the rise of electricity and the invention of the telephone, as Carolyn Marvin traces in When Old Technologies Were New, we see the shift towards dependency and as a result a change in lifestyle. What most interests […]

Ed Finn’s remarks on the performance of gender of virtual assistants, specifically “the predominance of female voices” in digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, made me realize just how engrained and propagated these ideas are in day to day life. In the video below, you see Jamie Foxx interacting with Siri in […]